DingZing’s materials allow for innovation in all sectors of the wearable technology industry, from health and fitness to fashion and entertainment. Our materials are ideal for wearable technology applications, as they are not only lightweight and durable, but also waterproof, breathable, and non-irritating.

  • Act as a substrate to hold thin, electronic components
  • Protect products using waterproof, anti-allergenic and shock-resistant materials
  • Laminate or emboss materials to create a distinctive look
Biosensor Skin Pad
Adding Comfort to Health Monitoring
Innovators in the healthcare industry wanted to smoothly integrate health monitoring into daily life. The result? A bio-sensor that comfortably sticks to patients’ skin—allowing for free movement, while constantly tracking vital signs and gathering critical data.
Our medical-grade, hypoallergenic Provecta films balance the perfect combination of conductivity and flexibility to combine with electronic sensors, creating a non-irritating, waterproof bio-sensor patch that can monitor patient health—anywhere, anytime.
Biosensor Helmet
Taking Wearable Technology Forward
The future of wearable technology has arrived, and our technical films are already being used in cutting-edge applications. Advanced cushioning systems in helmets can now include biosensors embedded into our technical films, providing athletes with comfortable and durable cushioning systems that also monitor for concussions.
Since our technical films are lightweight, but durable, they are the perfect choice for housing chips and biosensors. In addition, since our films are also waterproof and highly resistant to sweat, they are ideal for wearable technology used by athletes.
Biosensor Skin Pad
Biosensor Helmet
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